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2009-12-27 16:50:26 by Airphatal

Airphatal is working hard in producing new music, and is trying hard to improve and make is sound better. I put my full effort and will try to make awesome music for all.
I put all my time into this so I hope you will enjoy!
3 new songs is to be uploaded, while one im working on as i type.

Why why why are people so rude? 0 voting just because it is highly rated, just because they don't like what they see (a number) but not hear.
How would you feel if you made a perfect song, but people overreact and voted 0?
Jealousy? Don't like the genre? just the genre? It's not fine, and it doesn't feel nice, treat people the way you want to be treated. Be honest, speak up, don't be a low life self.


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